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What Is Test And Tag In Melbourne

When testing and tagging in Melbourne, there are a number of regulations to consider. Some questions you will need to ask yourself are what needs to be tested and tagged, how long do the test and tag dates last for, what types of tags are used and how much time will testing and tagging take.

What Needs To Be Tested

Melbourne testing services follow the Australian/New Zealand 3760 standard in service safety inspection and testing of electrical equipment, all electrical items that need to be plugged in a power point. This extends to some common appliances including, computer leads, towers and monitors, phone chargers and power packs, electrical cords, extent ion leads, power adaptors and power boards just to name a few.

How Frequent Are Test And Tag Dates In Melbourne

There are different test and tag dates if your in Melbourne, ranging from testing every three months up to five years, this will be best explained by the individual tester to help you understand what environment your electrical equipment is subject to.

It ia also important to understand what tag colors are used in Melbourne the more frequent testing industries use different tag colors, it is best to use a local testing company’s in Melbourne that have the local knowledge in electrical testing and familiar with testing practices locally.

What Test Tags Are Used

It’s important to find the right test and tag provider that uses durable tags, not cheap tags that wear away easily. It always tempting for some test and tag businesses to use cheap tags to save on costs. Its also a good idea to ask your test and tag service provides about testing times, this will help manage your staff and time effectively with out too much disruption.

  • Fixed price electrical test and tag for 5 Years Guarantee
  • Includes Test and Tag of three phase appliances
  • Licensed to test and tag Construction, Building, Demolition and commercial sites.

Our electrical testing team in Melbourne are also licensed to provide electrical repairs on or of-site this convenience can save you more time and money and the flexibility to organize one electrical test and tag business.

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Our United Test and Tag Services includes Businesses large and small, Schools, Shops, Offices and Construction sites.

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