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Appliance testing & tagging has become important to protect ourselves from electrocution. Test and Tagging involves testing electrical equipment before they become a hazard, and is considered to be a maintenance program and up keep our ever increasing appliances in the Work Place and Home.

United Test & Tag services provide a testing and tagging program in accordance to Australian/New Zealand 3760 standard, in service safety inspection and testing of electric equipment. All Thermal Image testing are performed by Qualified and Licensed Electricians and their experienced electrical background are an asset when electrical faults are detected.

Test And Tagging Appliance Service

All our Qualified Electricians perform Test & Tagging services that are fully compliant with AS/NZS 3760 in-service safety inspection.  We meet the requirement to perform a “leakage” test on all relevant equipment and our services also extends to –

  • Electric Blanket Test and Tag – for serviced apartments and domestic homes
  • Test and Tag three phase Leads
  • Testing and maintaining Emergency and Exit Lights
  • Energy saving light globe supply and replacement
  • Inspection and test electrical wiring
  • 240 volt Smoke alarm testing and replacement
  • Safety switch – RCD testing and tagging tripping times
  • Licensed to test and tag Construction, Building and Demolition sites.

A test and tag service provider is one who carries on the services of testing and tagging for the Client (employer) using  test meters. Choosing a Service Provider can be a daunting task. Careful consideration into their competency and integrity is a must and should include but not limited to – Experience, Training, Qualifications, Insurance, Flexibility in working around the Clients time frames and Tags used.

Test and tag leads
Test and Tag leads

United Test and Tag service’s public liability insurance policies gives us ability to test and tag work with a range of businesses from sole trader and multi-site retail groups to large construction and development companies.

United Test and Tag are fully licensed and Qualified Electrical Contractors. During the course of  testing and tagging there may be defects found, using Licensed Electrical Contractor takes the extra expense of finding another repairer. United Test and Tag can offer a quote to repair most items or for more major repairs we can organise this, off-site to minimise disruptions and downtime.

Whether your test and tagging requirements are one electrical appliance to thousands of  appliances, extension leads, power board, construction tools, all electric equipment, including Thermal Image Testing, consider United Test and Tag, for competitive pricing with your next project.

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